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About Us - Cotswold Magic Carpets & Floorcare

Cotswold Magic Carpets was a Covid-born business (yes, really)! 

After one too many carpet-mishaps (thanks to the dog), and lots of research into the perfect ‘blend’ of chemicals to remove the unsightly stains, Co-Founders Chris and Kim took the taxing decision to leave their existing roles and start their own professional cleaning business. 


Chris and Kim_edited.jpg
Dog causing a dirty floor

With a passion for customer service and a healthy obsession for attention to detail, the pair have steadily grown the business to increase in machinery, staff and client numbers, and are now working on their plans to expand across the country..


“What so many people don’t realise is that the wrong chemical on the wrong fabric, can cause irreparable damage. We see so many clients who have attempted to remove a stubborn stain with an ‘off the shelf’ product, without understanding that one of the chemicals in the solution, will ‘burn’ the carpet fibres, ‘scorch’ the wood, or be absorbed by the stone”. Chris.

“Once the damage is done there’s no turning back – and this is why we always ask people to call us for advice. We are more than happy to advise anyone, and if it can be done using an ‘off the shelf’ product, then we’ll happily recommend that too”. Kim 

The team have spent huge amounts of time and effort researching and developing the best blend of chemicals to expertly remove the stains that are so keen to embed themselves into our quality floors and upholstery.
The Cotswold Magic range of floor cleaning products includes next-generation floor and upholstery protectors, pet stain removers, solvent spotters and premium room deodorisers.
These are also available for purchase and refill.

Our Products

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Expanding Services, Sustaining Quality.
Our Continued Commitment to Excellence.

Building on our commitment to serve the Cotswolds region and beyond, Cotswold Magic Carpets continue to evolve our service offerings, employing the latest cleaning technology and methods. We're constantly staying updated on industry trends and advancements, ensuring we provide a service that is not just effective, but also safe and environmentally responsible.

In line with this, we've expanded our cleaning repertoire to include a broader range of fabrics and materials. From velvet and wool to polypropylene and acrylic, our team is equipped with the necessary expertise to handle even the most delicate of materials.


We've also honed our skills in managing diverse stains, dirt, and grime, so whether it's red wine, curry, or even farm manure, we've got you covered!

Moreover, we recognise that every home and business is unique, with distinct cleaning needs. This understanding drives our personalised approach to each cleaning task we undertake. Our team takes time to evaluate the specific cleaning requirements of your space and provide tailored solutions that not just meet, but exceed your expectations.

We're not just about providing top-notch cleaning services; we're also passionate about contributing to the wellness of our clients. Our premium cleaning solutions and techniques aim to enhance indoor air quality, promoting a healthier environment for everyone. Whether it's a home, office, or commercial space, we're committed to making your surroundings cleaner and healthier.

Lastly, we understand the importance of building relationships based on trust and reliability. For us, it's not just about cleaning your carpets, rugs, or upholstery—it's about providing a service that you can depend on time and again. Our customers' trust is our biggest reward, and we continuously strive to uphold the high standards that Cotswold Magic Carpets is known for.

So whether you're in Mickleton, Evesham, Pershore, Tewkesbury, or anywhere in the Cotswolds region, you can trust Cotswold Magic Carpets to provide professional, reliable, and high-quality cleaning services. Reach out to us today—let us work our magic on your fabrics!

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