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Purple Glow
Carpet Repair Service

We are very excited and proud to be able to offer you a new service providing carpet repair using the following methods:

  • Patch repair 

  • pile replacement

  • feathering

  • Dyeing

These methods allow us to fix most problems such as:

  • Iron & straightner burns

  • rips & tears

  • pet scratches & fraying

  • permanent stains

  • bleached areas



There are many benefits to you in having your carpet repaired instead of replaced such as costing less - our repairs start at £100 vs the cost of replacing a whole carpet.  It's also less wasteful and better for the environment as most carpets end up in landfill. Of course if you are a tenant and you are leaving your current property, leaving the carpets in the same condition you found them in is important when reclaiming your deposit.

Whatever the reason you need a repair made we are here to help you, we offer a free no obligation quote and will discuss with you the best options for the repair. The only types of carpets we can't work this magic on unfortunately are ones made from Sisal, Jute or Seagrass.

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