Q. Can you clean Sofas/chairs or upholstery? 
A. Yes absolutely, we do not clean suede. We are able to clean all fabric or leather upholstery although specialised fabrics such as velvet or linen blend can take longer which will be reflected in the price.


Q. Can you clean mattresses?
A. Yes we can.


Q. Can you clean leather?
A. Yes we can


Q. How long does it take for the carpet or upholstery to dry?
A. That depends on a few factors - air flow in house, temperature in house, type of carpet or fabric. On average most carpets are dry in around 4-6 hours, we do have driers available which we are happy to leave with you if you need them to be dry quicker. Sofas can take a little longer to dry but are usually dry by the following day. We do recommend opening windows to encourage air flow around the house which will help speed up the drying time.


Q. Can I walk on the carpet afterward?
A. It's best to stay off the carpet while its drying if possible, however if you do need to walk on the carpet please make sure you don't walk on it in outdoor footwear. When a carpet is still damp it can attract the dirt from your shoes. We can provide overshoes for you if it's a high traffic area and walking on it cannot be avoided.


Q. Is there a minimum call out charge?
A. Yes for carpet cleaning there is a minimum call out charge of £60.


Q. What type of machine do you use?
A. We use a hot water extraction machine called Airflex Storm. This is a top of the range spec machine with the highest power vacuums available for portable machines. We get asked all the time about the difference between our machine and the machines you can hire such as rug doctor. The difference is in both the chemicals and the extraction power. Most domestic carpet cleaning machines simply cannot remove enough water from your carpet when you've cleaned it. This can often result in "wickback" where the water has gone through to the backing and underlay. Unfortunately once this has happened it's very difficult to salvage the carpet, this is why it's important to use professional carpet cleaners to look after your carpet.


Q. Are your chemicals pet and child friendly?
A. Yes absolutely. We use a chemical range called Njord, these chemicals provide outstanding results and premium fragrances. All of their chemicals are safe to use around pets and children and smell fantastic. Safety data sheets for all of the chemicals we use are available on request.


Q. Do you guarantee stain removal?
A. Unfortunately we can never guarantee complete removal of a stain. It does help if we know what has caused the stain in order to use the right chemicals to treat it. We can usually improve or remove most stains and we will do our best to make you happy but we can never guarantee stain removal.


Q. Can you help with flood damage?
A. Absolutely, we are more than happy to have emergency call outs and we will try and fit you in straight away if we can. We are also happy to work with you while you claim through your insurance, we can invoice you/your insurance company as long as it's been authorised for you to go ahead and get the work done.